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   Some are not as easy to discover than others [30/05/16 07:57AM]   
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An Easter time egg, in video game conditions, is a fun little something saved inside a sport that can only be discovered through Cheap RS Gold determination, fortune, or most often, a mixture of both. Remember David Romero's head, or Gordon Freeman in the Australia outback? Both Happy easter !. Some are not as easy to discover than others, but I'm not aware of any that are even a little bit as complicated as this Battleground 4 key recorded by YouTuber Jackfrags.

I'll keep the details to it, but just think about this: One of the first steps in the process of unraveling the key is understanding a Morse rule concept in Belarusian. That creates a concealed concept from Julian Manolov of DICE LA, also known as JJJU, the mind behind some of BF4's other intricate Happy easter !. And that's actually one simple bit: From there you'll begin key tracks, a boring reasoning challenge, more Morse rule, a move to entirely different map, a identify of sound technological innovation, Battleground Buddies, some code-breaking, and even more throwing Morse rule, all on the way to a benefit that is, I have to confess, awfully awesome.
Possibly even worth the effort, if you're enough of a Battleground fan to put yourself through this particular wringer.And put yourself through it you must, if you want to obtain the benefits. Compared with Happy easter ! you may easily run to and get once someone informs you where they are, this Battleground 4 cure is unseen under several levels of randomization that end in a unique, single-use rule. The movie is a large help some of those control buttons are viciously well-hidden but there's basically no getting around the work that needs to be done. So... are you going to do it?




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